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Holiday Gift Guide 2019

We over here at Bert's Bites couldn't resist sharing our favorite gifts of 2019 with you! After your stockings are stuffed with our Chunky Almond Snack or Crunchy Maple Snack, you still may need more gifts for the loved ones in your life. Check out our favorites and happy shopping into 2020!

Anna Wintour Ornament from Hudson Grace: $21

"You either know fashion or you don't." -Anna Wintour. This Anna Wintour ornament adds instant style to your holiday decor. Crafted from molten glass that is mouth-blown into meticulously carved molds, each ornament is basically "couture," as it is hand-painted, beaded, glued and glittered. 

V. Sattui 2018 Gamay Rouge: $29

Bright, fruity and refreshing, this wine is bursting with juicy flavors of ripe strawberry, crisp tart cherry, and cranberry. Perfect to add for your holidays.

Maya Brenner 14k Gold Letter Necklace: $240

The original asymmetrical letter necklace has been a brand favorite since it’s launch in 2008. It has been spotted on Meghan Markle, Mila Kunis and now you! This necklace is handmade in Los Angeles from high-quality 14k gold. Each  ¼" letter is soldered onto a very delicate chain and designed to sit on the collar bone.
Luxuriously soft Spanish mohair and merino wool are expertly woven together to create this cozy accent. Yarn-dyed for rich hues and a smoother handfeel, it’s a go-to layer for extra warmth and color.


Lele Sadoughi Knit Pearl Ear Warmer: $128

Introducing Lele Sadoughi ear warmers. 3" width viscose blend knit band hand-embellished with 6mm acrylic pearl designed to keep you chic and warm all winter long. One size only comfort fit with a non-itch weave.

Birdies Songbird Slides: $120

Style meets comfort in sleek, slide silhouettes that look good with everything and feel like you’re walking on clouds.



Farmgirl Flowers Ribbon Candy: $68

Ribbon Candy is like the Jordan Almond of the Christmas candy world. It’s a classic for a reason but it’s not winning any popularity contests next to the tree-shaped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or candy canes. By the same tree trimming token, Amaryllis are a classic, winter flower but they’re easily outshined by some of their more petal-ful cousins. Includes gold-tone stepped vase. 




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